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  • Positioning Demos

    You can try for free our demos for GPS location services: positioningPeople, positioningCars and positioningSMS. This ways it is possible to get an idea of ​​what each offers
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  • Web Design

    In IDINTEC we can help your company to have a Website that suits your needs and what customers expect. From online stores to corporate websites. Whether you have a small business or you need a more complex solution.
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  • IdinPhone + positioning People

    Our System positioningPeople allows to remotely locate your loved ones who require special attention with a small size device that can send SMS to your phone, be consulted via WEB and even make calls.
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  • Electronics Design

    In idintec we are able to design the printed circuit board (PCB) that your company needs. You also will find a personalized and efficient consulting. The one you are looking for.
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  • THE consulting YOU ARE LOOKING FOR

    In idintec you will find a personalized and efficient consulting. Our services are applicable to any sector, whether industrial, agricultural, services, home, etc, using the latest technologies
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  • Intelligent Technology

    ... for an easier life. IDINTEC is a technology company formed by experts in the field of programming, electronic circuit design, Web technology, industrial automation and telecommunications.
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  • Values

    Our main value is the passion for what we do in order to provide the solution that best suits your needs in the control of automatic processes.
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 "...we can make it if you are able to think of it..."

We are a company formed by a  group of engineers with extensive experience in the  telecommunications, automation and electronics. Our main goal is to offer high-performance technology solutions at a reasonable cost, based on our multidisciplinary knowledge and our ability to  integrate different technologies ...

Intelligent Solutions for an easier life


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Design, fast prototyping and factoring of PCBs

Programming Micros, Servers, Web
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