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The device idinPhone iP10 is a cellphone with "GPS locator" function, which lets you know your geographic location at all times. This device will provide the ability to locate people, animals, goods or vehicles in real time, based on the exceptional technology and high standards of Idintec.

It is a device specially designed for remote maintenance. With your phone idinPhone iP10 you can make and receive calls as if it were a conventional mobile phone. If you call your idinPhone iP10 or if the SOS button is pressed it will receive an SMS message with location (including a link to google maps). Additionally, the GPS locator idinPhone iP10 can periodically send data to our servers details internal GPS module with its geographical position, notifications, alerts, etc., so you can track in real time remotely or to query the data easily whenever you want. 

Operation Modes

must be linked to a Idintec service, with or without subscription. Idintec currently offers two alternatives:

  • PositioningSMS Service: Web platform for remote configuration of GPS locators Idintec brand. It is suitable for basic use GPS tracking: no internet connection, no online maps, without remote monitoring online (instead receiving SMS messages in the mobile phone user). Allows you to send SMS messages basic configuration through our website easily and effectively. Monthly Installments required data rate or on the SIM card phone
  • PositioningPeople Service: online software platform for real-time tracking of GPS locators Idintec brand. Suitable for advanced use of GPS tracking and remote monitoring over the Internet. This service allows all the features of SMS and also view maps via web in real time, view historical data and routes flown, notifications and alerts, geo-zones, remote device configuration, etc.. Requires subscription fee and fee data in the SIM card phone. The positioningPeople system has three membership levels: Basic, Plus and Pro

Telecare. Security for people

  • SOS button for emergency call (three authorized numbers)
  • telephone communication
  • Monitor voice (silent listening)
  • Sending SMS with geolocation (including link to google maps) pressing SOS button
  • Sending SMS with geolocation (including link to google maps) to receive incoming call numbers allowed

Location and tracking in real-time:

  • people (elderly, children, athletes, etc.)
  • Animals (pets, livestock)
  • goods (bags, furniture, machinery)
  • vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle)


  • function mobile phone: Just a call button and a button for answering calls
  • SOS button: Direct emergency call and sending SMS with geolocation three authorized numbers
  • auto - answer function:  Allows telephone communication without pressing any buttons, handsfree
  • function "Monitor Voice ": Allows remote and unnoticed , to hear what is happening around the device
  • remotely and instantly GPS Location (from web panel or mobile phone)
  • remote programmed GPS location ( interval of time and / or distance interval )
  • Up to eight configurable geo - restricted areas:  to generate alerts when entering or leaving each
  • Waterproof ( IP65)
  • Rechargeable lithium 1100mAh/3.7V (compatible with Nokia BL- 5C )
  • compact size: ( 77x47x20mm ) and light weight ( 65g ) total distance counter
  • total time counter running

Instant alert notification by any of the following events:

  • SOS Button pressed
  • button "headset" down
  • Low battery
  • Loss / recovery of GPS coverage
  • Input / output from the low consumption
  • Input / output of any geo-restricted areas configured (up to eight)
  • Starting the device


Note 1: all alerts are reported through the Internet Idintec data server where it is stored for future reference. Additionally, the user can select which alarms should or should not generate a direct SMS to your mobile phone or in some cases even an emergency call to it (supports up to three authorized phone numbers to call or send SMS alerts) .

Note 2: benefits described depends on the type of service that links your device. For example, if you hire the service positioningSMS will not have the services that require sending data over the Internet.




This device complies with Directive 99/05/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 9 March 1999, transposed into Spanish law by Royal Decree 1890/2000 of November 20.

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