Installation of Dolibarr ERP/CRM

Manage your bussiness in an easy way with Idintec Intelligent Technology installation of Dolibarr ERP/CRM

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Installation and Setup of ERP/CRM Dolibarr 

by Idintec Intelligent Technology 

Best way of managing your bussiness: an easy, powerful and fast software


Type of ERP/CRM Services of Idintec Intelligent Technology

Cloud Options


Dedicated Hosting


Physical Server


Dolibarr installation for your business in the cloud on a shared hosting.

The cheaper options

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If you already have a web host, we will install Dolibarr in it.

Or we will manage a new one for you to install Dolibarr.

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We provide a physical server with Dolibarr already installed. 

You integrate it into your corporate network and have complete control

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 Dolibarr © is a modern, complete and easy  ERP & CRM specially indicated for freelances and small companies.



Can I test the software?

You can test a demonstration installation of Dolibarr and check all its features to decide if it suits your needs. You will be asked an username and password:

  • username:demo
  • password:demo

click here to go to demo 



About Dolibarr: Dolibarr is free OpenSource software with GPLv3+ License. Idintec Intelligent Technologyc is not the owner or developer of the software. We install the software for you, support the installation and help you with advising and consulting tasks